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WanLainjo Computers For Immigrants

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Technology Training, Career Development and Financial Literacy Training
We Provide the Following Training To Immigrants  
Technological Literacy
Basic Computer Skills Training
We Provide Training On Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel & More...
Computer Repair Training
We Provide Training On How to Repair Computers, Laptops, IPADS & Apple MacBook's Repair  Viruses & Spyware Removal Laptop Screen Replacement Windows Password Recovery Hardware & Software Installation, Hard Drive Restoration Custom Build Computers, Data Recovery/Backup, Computer Networking office and home networking/repair. We also provide training on WEBSITES DESIGN 
Career Development & Employment Assistance
We help immigrants and low income individuals in Brooklyn Park and surrounding communities or cities with the metro area look for work, we help with interview skills, resume writing skills, job search skills and More.. Our goal on this training is to connect employers with immigrants especially those with transferable skills.
Financial Literacy Training
We provide financial literacy training to immigrants and low income individuals to help the understand the American financial system. We help them manage their finances by outlining the importance or a good financial standing or record in the American financial system.