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WanLainjo Computers For Immigrants

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Become part of Greatness


Are you looking for a way to strengthen your individual talents and become more involved in your community, Are your looking for progressive, positive and generational thinker? You’ll get these opportunities and more when you join WanLainjo.

As part of this exciting group of mostly African immigrants, you will get the chance to:


Develop and nurture your skills and talents to become a more successful individual and leader; at home, work and in your community

Contribute to your community by raising funds for worthy causes


Provide services and education to benefit community members


Develop good friendships


Gain a network of personal and professional support within this dynamic organization



So what is the Meaning of WanLainjo? WanLainjo is an African name which means “A CHILD WITHOUT PROBLEMS” which is what you will get when your become part of this great organization.


WanLainjo Organization

WanLainjo is a nonprofit organization that is focus on helping Minnesota immigrants and people in need. We have three main areas of emphasis: Service, Growth and Fellowship.      



WanLainjo believe strongly in service to others. Fundraising activities and other events are conducted to provide financial support to those in need and to educate members and member of the community.


WanLainjo is involved in a broad range of areas, including:

  • Basic Computer Skills Training

  • Resume Writing and Interview Skills

  • Job search

  • Financial literacy training

  • C.N.A Training

  • Healthcare awareness

  • Youth and Community Involvement

  • Personal Development and More…

Some examples of our local projects include: Networking Nights, Partnerships with other community organization, Job fair, fellowship nights and so much more!




Opportunities for leadership training exist at all levels of WanLainjo organization, from volunteer work to core member or officer positions in the organizations.


Our personal enrichment programs are designed to help” build a better you’’ through a variety of areas, including:

  • Effective Speaking

  • Effective Writing

  • Financial Management

  • Communications

  • Time Management

  • Self Esteem and Assertiveness




Membership in WanLainjo offers the opportunity to develop close and lasting friendships with Africans Immigrants and individuals who share similar interest.


Social events, holiday parties, a getaway-weekend, girls night out, boys nights out, couples night out and family picnics are held to encourage members to get to get to know one another and their families. We encourage you to become a part of this growing and vital group of Africans immigrants and hope you will take the opportunity to join us now.



WanLainjo's Creed (Our Statement of Faith)


We believe that through us great lessons can be learned, worthy deeds performed and a hand of fellowship extended to millions of immigrants and the needy everywhere in Minnesota and the United States. May we leave the world a better place because we lived and served within it?


Reasons To Join WanLainjo


Meet New Friends

Get to know other Africans in your community who share a common interest in making the world a better place. Enjoy the opportunity to socialize with enthusiastic and professional Africans!


2. Get Involved

Be part of your community. Plan fun, new events for families. Raise money to train immigrants and people in need, basic computer skills, CNA or any cause important to you. Be part of the solution


3. Learn New Skills

Sharpen your writing or speaking skills, enhance your organizational abilities and learn to be an effective part of a working on projects. Expand your horizons by experiencing programs offered in a variety of areas including career development, public speaking, financial management etc…


4. Make A Difference & Treat Yourself

Share your strengths with others. Use the leadership opportunities to motivate others, meet goals and gain confidence in yourself. You are worth it. Be a part of a group that is just for you. Give yourself permission to grow, develop and have fun as an individual.


6. Save Money

Be part of WanLainjo Saving’s club that encourages immigrants to save and spend wisely, also learn money saving tips and how to get out of debt and become financially free.


7. Save $15 on all Our products and Services

 As a member you will be saving additional $15 on the already low cost products and services available. These include Laptops and desktop computers, smart phones, computer maintenance and repair services, Hall rentals for meetings or small occasion and much more...    


Our Values

We work smarter, faster and with greater humility in everything we do base on these four values:  

 Goodness OF SPIRIT:We work by seeking and bringing out the best in others

 AFFLICTION WITHOUT ATTITUDE: We succeed when we make a positive difference not just by what we say but how we say it

 RESPONSIVENESS: We succeed when we raise, respond and resolve concerns and opportunities efficiently.

 LEADING BY DOING:We succeed when we develop powerful ideas that are taken up by others

Don’t waste another minute. Now is the time to join WanLainjo!



One Time Registration fee is $10,  $43/Single & $300/Group of 20 members PLUS per Year (Check made payable to WanLainjo)

Please return with payment to: WanLainjo

7420 Unity Ave North suite 211, Brooklyn Park MN 55443

Register and Pay Online


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